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Tutorial Topics

All Tutorials will be held in Philosophy Department, Room M304 or M305 (please check on the day).

Tutorial 1

Tues Sept 22 &Thurs Sept 24

Read: Euthyphro

1.What role does ‘irony’ play in Socrates’ method?

2. Do any of the early interlocutors of Socrates really learn anything from him?

Tutorial 2

Tues Oct 6 Thurs Oct 8

Read: Phaedo

1. Socrates’ discussion of philosophy as a ‘training for death’.

2. The fourth argument for the immortality of the soul (from ‘Forms’).

Tutorial 3

Tues Oct 20 & Thurs Oct 22

1. Present some of the striking dramatic features of the Symposium; do these elements help to make any philosophical points?

2. Explain the idea that love/eros can lead us up towards a knowledge of the Forms.

Tutorial 4

Tues  Nov 17 & Thurs Nov 19

1. In the Protagoras, why is Socrates’ friend so excited about the arrival of the sophists? Do you think he would be equally excited at the end of the dialogue?

2. How does Protagoras go about answering Socrates’ objections to the suggestion that virtue can be taught?


3. How does Socrates argue that the person who is apparently acting from ‘weakness of will’ (akrasia) is really acting from ignorance? What does he say this person is ignorant of? See the section around 352.

Oral Exams

Tues Nov 24 & Thurs Nov 26

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