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Phil2040 Nietzsche – Lectures & Notes

Lectures — Fridays, 2:00-3:50pm


Sep 2: How to read Nietzsche.

“Introduction”, HRN, 1-6.

“On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense”, NR, 114-123.

Aphorism 381, The Gay Science, NR, 381.

On the Genealogy of Morality, Preface, 8, NR, 394-5.

Sep 9: Dionysos, Tragedy, Philosophy.

“The Horror of Existence”, HRN, 7-17.

The Birth of Tragedy, extracts, NR, 42-61.

Sep 16: Historicising Humanity.

“Human all too Human”, HRN, 18-29.

Human, All Too Human, extracts, NR, 161-178.

Sep 23: The Death of God.

“Nietzsche’s Cheerfulness”, HRN, 30-40.

The Gay Science, extracts: esp. aphorism 125 and 343 (the latter is in NR, 362), NR,

207-237 (browse through these extracts for this week and next week).

Sep 30: Truth and Knowledge.

“On Truth and Knowledge”, HRN, 41-51.

The Gay Science, extracts, NR, 207-237.

Oct 7: Naturalising Morality.

Beyond Good and Evil, extracts, NR, Preface and Section 1 (311-331); Section 9 (354-361).

Oct 14: Slave Morality and ressentiment.

“On Memory and Forgetting”, HRN, 52-60.

On the Genealogy of Morality, extracts, NR, 390-407.

No Lecture Oct 21 – Reading Week

Oct 28: The genealogy of morality, continued…

“On Memory and Forgetting”, HRN, 52-60.

On the Genealogy of Morality, extracts, NR, 424-435 & 424-435.


Nov 4:Eternal Return.

“The Heaviest Weight”, HRN, 72-81.

The Gay Science, aphorism 341 (NR, 236); “Notes from 1881”, NR, 238-241; and, follow other references in Ansell-Pearson’s commentary (HRN, 72-81).

No Lecture Nov 11

Nov 18: Will to Power.

Gay Science, 349; On the Genealogy of Morality, II, 12; BGE, 13, 36, 259; Zarathustra, Part II, ‘Of Self-Overcoming’; Anti-Christ, 2.

Nov 25: Nihilism and the Overman.

“The Superman”, HRN, 82-93; “Nihilism and the Will to Nothingness”, HRN, 94-104. (follow all the extracts that Ansell-Pearson discusses in HRN); “European Nihilism”, NR, 385-389; Zarathustra, Prologue.


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