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Tutorial Topics

All Tutorials will be held in Philosophy Department, Room M304 or M305 (please check on the day).

Tutorial 1

Tues Sept 22 & Thurs Sept 24

What reasons does the character Socrates give for justifying the banning of the poets from Plato’s ideal city state?

In what ways can Aristotle’s work on Tragedy been seen as a direct reply to Plato?

Tutorial 2

Tues Oct 6 & Thurs Oct 8

Hume recounts a story from Don Quixote about tasting wine; what does this story really tell us, if anything, about ‘tasting’ art?

What does Kant mean by ‘disinterested’ and why does it apply to the appreciation of beauty?

Tutorial 3

Tues Oct 20 & Thurs Oct 22

1. What problems does Hegel identify in past philosophical approaches to art? See, esp, pp.99-103.

2. Outline Hegel’s account of the three phases through which art has passed: Symbolic art; Classical art; Romantic art.

Tutorial 4

Tues  Nov 17 & Thurs Nov 19

1. According to Dewey, in what ways is our experience of looking at a painting both alike and unlike the experience of, for example, a game of chess?

2. How does Wollheim explain pictorial representaton in terms of ‘seeing-in’?

Tutorial 5

Tues Nov 24 & Thurs Nov 26

1. What does Walter Benjamin mean by the “aura” of the artwork? Why does he think it is under threat?

2. According to Benjamin, what is the significance, for art theory and philosophy, of the emergence of cinema?

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